Axle-Hub Dynamometers

DYNOmite Dynamometer manufactures the world’s largest lineup of axle-hub dynamometers, in an affordable range of classes. All measure true installed horsepower – no “estimating” tire drag and slip losses. Axle-Hub dynos feature quick roll-in mounting with automatic camber adjustment with no leveling necessary!

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Flexible Testing Options

More than flash-acceleration HP is available from DYNOmite load-cell equipped eddy-current absorption systems. They permit indefinitely* running steady-state, RPM-step, or sweep-HP tests – under computer control. Absorber loading is vital for ECU drivability mapping or emissions work. In comparison, inertia-only “dynos” can’t hold an RPM point, but calculate power from flywheel (roll) mass acceleration – like deriving Hp from drag-strip MPH.

ACtiveSync Axle-Synchronization

Traction-Controlled Front, Rear, or All Wheel Drives can be run on appropriate-model axle-hub system, using our ACtiveSync™ axle-synchronization modules. These units feature 20-Hp motoring-drive units, with micro-second response AC controllers, to provide precision matching of unpowered axles – during 2WD testing (of traction-control vehicles). Dynamic rotor balancing, concentric-lock bearings, and innovative camber compensation limit vibration – test capable vehicles to 200 MPH.

Multi-Eddy Configurations

Multi-eddy configurations offer capacities to 10,000 HP or 100,000 foot-pounds of torque – and long-duration absorption (for lesser engines). Only axle-hub (or engine) dynamometers isolate HP from the inconsistencies of tire-to-roll traction – providing repeatable data that serious tuners and engineers need to compare against baseline tests. Precision full-bridge temperature-compensated load cells read TRUE axle-hub Hp, while driveline-inertia compensation allows rapid transient testing.

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