DYNOmite Dynamometer offers the world's largest dyno lineup because we believe that one size does not fit all. With complete in-house manufacturing, we can develop products that are as diverse as the customers we serve. From automotive, diesel, marine, motorcycle or anything in between, we have a product that will meet your needs and provide you with accurate and certified horsepower.

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AWD Axle-Hub Dyno

Includes: Four heavy-duty rolling modules with eddy-current controllers and high-speed (medium-inertia) air-cooled absorbers, automatic camber...

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Explore the world's largest lineup of dynamometers offered by DYNOmite.



Browse our products by industries served. In many cases we offer several products and solutions across multiple departments.

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Absorber Comparison

View charts that explain the advantages of various configurations.

Engine Dynamometers

Dynomite manufactures water brake, eddy current and AC engine dynamometers for performance and industrial applications. Dynomite engine dynos test gasoline, diesel and CNG engines and several of our water brake dynos are used for AC motor testing. We frequently provide custom engineered engine dynamometer solutions for unique test requirements.

DYNOmite Engine Dynamometer

Chassis Dynamometers

Dynomite offers a complete line of chassis dynamometers for everything from performance tuning to pre-emissions, mileage accumulation and heavy-duty truck testing. Unique features like true all-wheel-drive speed synchronization and trunnion mounted differentials allow our dynos to give you increased load capacity and test duration across the entire operating range.

DYNOmite Chassis Dynamometer

Axle-Hub Dynos

The only dyno line that expands with your needs. Start today with a low-cost inertia-only model. Later mount an absorber, expand to AWD, add channels, upgrade software, etc. – without wasting your original investment. We manufacturer all major components in house – saving you third-party markups of competitors.

DYNOmite Axle-Hub Dynamometer

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