Traction-Grooved Rollers

Dynamically balanced and machine traction-grooved rollers dramatically limit vibration and tire slip – in all roll sizes! Even low-profile above-ground garage-class systems (8-1/2″ – 20″ rolls) using casters and/or ramps, have grip to test many production vehicles. No dedicated test bay, or digging up floors, required. Drive on, strap down, and test. Larger-diameter roll systems (24″ – 60″ diameter) handle sustained racecar speeds and power.
Capacities are approximate, as they are primarily tire safety and traction limited – higher torque requires tie downs.

Simulate Driving Conditions

Simulate driving conditions with DYNO-MAX “Road Load Simulation” mode. It emulates vehicle inertia, air drag, rolling friction, road grade, etc. – adjusting the absorber’s load accordingly. Fix driveline problems that never show up in the garage, without costly field testing. ECU mapping and emission work requires repeatable loading, on an absorption dyno.

All 6WD