Wireless Remote DYNO-MAX Control

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Wireless Remote DYNO-MAX Control via iPhone (running iDYNO-MAX app) or PDAs with Windows Mobile 6.x (including compatible cellular smart phones or Pocket PCs).  Pocket DYNO-MAX allows the handheld to wirelessly view and optionally operate DYNO-MAX “Pro.” Chassis dyno operators can run the dyno (and even print reports) – right from the driver’s seat. Lengthy engine-dynamometer endurance tests can be monitored from any desk or spot on the shop’s floor, in lecture hall seats, or through an Internet connection anyplace on the planet! Customers might even use the app, to observe their engine’s performance, from the comfort of your waiting area. The default screen (shown at right) can be customized to change gauge text, ranges, formula assignments, or even the language for each button’s text label.


Model Number: Part # (Pocket DYNO-MAX software is included with DYNO-MAX “Pro”)

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