“Scope Module” for DYNO-MAX

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“Scope Module” for DYNO-MAX is included as one of the “Pro+” version’s several-extra Option-Paks™. It provides the interface and advanced-analysis software support for certain high-speed third-party (e.g. National Instruments) data-acquisition boards. This “oscilloscope like” Option-Pak’s features, in conjunction with hardware like that included in the #435-145 Cylinder Pressure Mapping evaluation kit, enables capturing and analyzing your combustion-chamber pressures, intake or exhaust-system pressure cycles, ignition-voltage waveforms, etc. Third-party precision crankshaft encoders (up to 3,600 lines) and data-acquisition speeds to over 1,000,000 Hertz are supported. Other Option-Paks in the “Pro+” version eliminate the hassle of exporting data to third-party packages for analysis. These include: Advanced Data Analysis that add Fast Fourier Translation (FFT) and Histograms to the graphing tool set. DDE allows OLE enabled applications (like Excel or Access) to pass data both to and from DYNO-MAX – in real time.


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