Pro 4000 Engine Docking System

Docking Station | Engine Dynamometers | Water Brake |


4,000+ Hp* “Pro” system includes: heavy-duty tandem docking station, rolling engine cart, tandem Siamese-rotor 13″ toroid water-brake absorbers, dual load cells, two 28-channel data harnesses, mounting hardware, stainless braided hoses with aircraft fittings, “Pro” Console upgrade with genuine Intel® equipped Dell PC and 17″ high resolution LCD monitor, DYNO-MAX “Pro” software, color printer, dual Ultra-Flow Auto-Load Servos and Electronic Throttle Controller, Cooling Tower Assembly, 16-channel EGT thermocouple inputs with 8-sensors, 2-pressure sensors, 2-engine temperature thermistors, 2-airflow turbines, 2-fuel flow turbines, Weather Station, “Pro” Test Stand upgrade, expanded 56-channel DYNOmite-Pro data-acquisition subsystem (with integral control relays) and 12v wiring harness, rolling chair, banner, and manual.


Model Number: #016-400-2K

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