Data Channel Expansion Board Sets

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Data Channel Expansion Board Sets increase the number of channels that your DYNO-MAX-equipped PC can monitor. Each board set consists of a “piggyback” pair of boards with multiple frequency and analog inputs. All models support upgrading to additional DYNOmite accessories (such as airflow sensors, auto-throttle servo, etc.) or doubling your available EGT-probe channels. A 120-volt AC power supply is included (or they can be run off of battery power). Basic board sets are supported under any version of DYNO-MAX, while “Pro” (or Lite) board sets require DYNO-MAX 9.2 (or later). Your PC (or laptop) will need an available USB or RS232 serial port (and cable) for each board set. Expansion to over 100 channels is as easy as adding more board-set pairs (and serial ports to the PC).


Model Number: Part #430-444 (15-channel capable Basic-board set) | Part #430-454 (28-channel capable Pro-board set) | Part #430-349 (3-channel Lite, upgradeable hobby-board set)

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