Cylinder Pressure Mapping Kit

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Cylinder Pressure Mapping Kit captures high-resolution degree and combustion-chamber pressure data – into one database (graph alongside other DYNO-MAX results). No second interface to learn or awkward file exporting required! This “convenience” component bundle (evaluation-level package) is supplied as a, comparatively, inexpensive way to start experimenting with advanced dynamic-engine analysis. Kit includes: crankshaft-position encoder with linkage, machinable arbor, (1) high-impedance piezoelectric pressure transducer (for cylinder head or sparkplug mounting), 0-5 volt output signal-amplifier module, and an 8-channel National Instruments high-speed (1,000,000 Hertz) PCI buss data-acquisition board (with shielded cabling).


Model Number: Part #435-145 (requires DYNO-MAX “Pro+” “Scope Module”)

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