Clamp-On Inductive RPM Pickup

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Clamp-On Inductive RPM Pickup can be used for applications like chassis dynamometers or magneto-ignition kart engines that lack a convenient (or suitable) tachometer-signal output. This kit includes a non-directional inductive-pickup clamp (with sensitivity knob) for clamping around an accessible high-tension sparkplug, primary-coil, or (in some cases) even a fuel-injector’s lead. It works on many (although not all) spark-ignition wire applications. The conditioned output from the clamp’s harness delivers a clean square-wave RPM signal, ready to plug directly into the DYNOmite Data-Acquisition Computer’s tachometer channel (yellow wire @ a 4.5 trigger voltage). The shielded clamp houses unique surface-mount electronics timing circuitry to compensate for varying signal intensity and extra pulses from many “multi-spark” ignition systems.
Can also be used with our optional DYNOmite-Pro Spark Advance EEPROM option (listed below) to capture real-time ignition timing information into DYNO-MAX. Will require a magnetic or optical crankshaft approaching-TDC reference signal.


Model Number: Part # 430-136 (clamp and amplifier) | Part # 430-453 (Spark Advance EEPROM upgrade option)

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