Air Flow Meter Turbines

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Air Flow Meter Turbines for measuring the intake airflow of automotive, recreational, and industrial engines. These low-inertia turbines measure the intake airflow either directly (inline on a single carburetor) or through a plenum (recommended to dampen intake pulsations). Turbines are available in sizes to accommodate a wide range of air horn sizes and CFM requirements. Multiple turbines may be run in parallel for higher flow.  (Requires Data Channel Expansion Unit part #430-454 and DYNO-MAX software equipped PC.)


Model Number: Part # 430-803 (3" 0-50 CFM) | Part # 430-804 (4" 3-100 CFM) | Part # 430-806 (6-1/2" 10-800 CFM) | Part # 430-809 (9" 20-1200 CFM)

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