ACtiveSync Axle-Hub Upgrade

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ACtiveSync™ Axle-Hub Upgrade (axle-synchronization and motoring) drive option for DYNOmite Axle-Hub Dynamometers. Feature dual 20-Hp motoring drive units with micro-second response heavy-duty AC controllers. Basic ACtiveSync provides precision matching of front-to-rear 2WD axles – on traction-controlled ABS equipped vehicles. For eddy-current absorber equipped axle-hub dynamometer testing, installing a pair of (optional) encoders allows for steeper downhill (motoring) simulations. Adding our (optional) heavy-duty resistive load banks significantly increases these AC-motors’ absorption capacity, allowing them to enhance speed control and synchronization authority – even during standard dynamometer testing. (See below for optional Axle-Hub Encoder Kit and Resistive Load Bank Kit.)


Model Number: #437-040

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