4-Circuit Relay Module Kit

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4-Circuit Relay Module Kit provide remote console control of many test-cell functions via DYNO-MAX. Module also allows using the DYNOmite’s RPM-limiter feature (black/white harness lead) in engine applications that cannot be stopped by the near grounding of this circuit (most automotive ignitions, Arctic Cat snowmobiles, etc.). Supports shutdown of either “Normally Open” or “Normally Closed” ignition circuits. One (or more) 4-Circuit Relay Board units plug into each DYNOmite-Pro (or Basic) board set, allowing simple keyboard control of ignition, starter, fuel, blowers, brakes, etc. via DYNO-MAX’s console buttons. (* Each 4-Circuit Relay Board controls four individual relay circuits – allowing DYNO-MAX to control ignition, starter, fuel pumps, N2O relays, fans, etc. )


Model Number: Part #430-143* (4-circuit relay board)

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