Two- and four-wheel drive OHRV vehicle (chassis) dynos and custom small-engine dynamometers.

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Rapid Set-Up

Rapid on-off setup makes it very practical to test many different model motorcycles and ATVs back to back (without doing time-consuming road trips). Just roll the machine on, strap it down, clamp on the inductive tach lead, and test. A full-color report can print out – automatically. Casters let you test in your driveway, or roll it into a corner when done; while our Trailering Package goes to events anywhere.

Machined Traction Grooves

Dynamically balanced roll with machined-in “traction grooves” dramatically limits vibration tire heating and slip. Test bikes to 250 MPH and 675+ HP* on the higher-capacity DYNOmite dyno systems. Larger 24″-diameter roll systems handle sustained race speeds and power.
*Capacities are approximate, as they are primarily tire safety and traction limited – higher torque requires tie downs.