2020 Trade Shows are cancelled so let DYNOmite bring them to you...

Trade Show Update


Trade Shows have been cancelled for 2020 and we are disappointed as you are. But in anticipation of this reality, we have been working hard to create a new-to-the-world virtual booth for our devoted Customers. You will hear more about this in the next weeks, but look for:

  1. Live streaming content with industry experts
  2. Demonstrations with service techs of our equipment
  3. Live chat with Sales and Service staff to discuss industry needs and innovations
  4. Watch as some of the most popular SuperFlow and DYNOMite products are being built
  5. the coolest opportunity the industry has ever experienced – YOUR chance to interact with our Innovation team to finalize versions of software and controls

DYNOmite views this year as an opportunity to engage with you in ways we haven't been able to in the past. Please visit our show page to register for additional information as it becomes available.

Tire Slippage

Read about tips on improving traction on older chassis dynamometer rolls.

Safety | 07.28.20

How much power do I loose if my tires slip on the dyno rolls?

It can be significant and it varies (which is its own problem)! For repeatability, you must not have tire-slippage percentage entering into the equation. The major sources of rear wheel horsepower losses are due to tire to roll slippage and sidewall deformation. Both waste energy as heat transfers into the tires, rolls, and surrounding air.

Deformation is often worsened as operators strap the vehicle down harder, desperately trying to improve traction. Although the extra contact pressure reduces slip the once per revolution flexing of the tire over the roll eats up a good chunk of what was recovered by lowering the slippage – while inflicting hidden damage to the tire!

The solution is larger rolls with machined-in deep traction grooves. They provide twice the traction (μ > 1.00) compared to smooth or cosmetic diamond-knurled surfaces (μ < 0.60), and require only a fraction of the strap-down forces!

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