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Step-by-step instructions on installing National Instrument Board Drivers for DYNO-MAX "Pro+."

Advanced | 07.28.20

Installing National Instrument Board Drivers for DYNO-MAX “Pro+”

Only certain versions of National Instruments’ (NI) “Measurement and Automation Explorer” and “NI-DAQmx” are suitable for interfacing NI’s boards with DYNO-MAX 2010 “Pro+.” (Note: Only “Traditional NI-DAQ (Legacy)” is compatible with DYNO-MAX 2000 “Pro+”) This includes the high-speed NI board used for Cylinder Pressure Mapping. Here are the steps to obtain and install the required (no charge) drivers and other software from NI.

The latest supported versions for DYNO-MAX 2000 “Pro+” (version 9.38) are Measurement and Automation Explorer = Version 3.1 and Traditional NI-DAQ (Legacy) = Version 7.3.1.

The latest supported versions for DYNO-MAX 2010 “Pro+” (version CurrentDYNO-MAXversion) are Measurement and Automation Explorer = Version 4.6.1 and NI-DAQmx = Version 9.02 (later versions, as NI releases them, may also work).

Step 1 (for DYNO-MAX 2000 only):
From – Support – Drivers and Updates:

Download to desktop: Measurement and Automation Explorer 3.1
From within the downloaded folder, run the windows installer titled “MAX”.
Password, when prompted, is “MALAYSIA”.
Restart windows when install is finished.

Tip: If you cannot find this link, contact NI directly for access to this required legacy software version.

Step 2:
From – Support – Drivers and Updates
   – Product line = Multifunction DAQ
   – Software (for DYNO-MAX 2000 “Pro+” = Traditional NI-DAQ (Legacy) – Version 7.3.1
   – Software (for DYNO-MAX 2010 “Pro+” = NI-DAQmx – Version 9.02
   – Operating Systems = Windows XP (and also, for NI-DAQmx, Vista or Windows 7)

For DYNO-MAX 2000 “Pro+”:
  Download to desktop: NIDAQ 7.3.1
  This application downloads as NIDAQ731CD1 and NIDAQ731CD2.
  Extract NIDAQ731CD1 to a new folder
  Extract NIDAQ731CD2 to a new folder
  Run the “Setup.exe” file from within the extracted NIDAQ731DC1
  When prompted for CD2 browse point to the new folder containing the extracted
  NIDAQ731CD2 files.

For DYNO-MAX 2010 “Pro+”:
  Install from CD: NIDAQmx 9.02

Step 3:
Install the NI PCI Card in to your appropriately powerful and compatible PC.

Step 4:
Start NI’s Measurement and Automation Explorer.

From the Configuration list:
Expand “My System”
Expand “Devices and Interfaces”
Select “Traditional NI-DAQ” (for DYNO-MAX 2000 only)

From the Right Side List (Traditional NI-DAQ Devices – for DYNO-MAX 2000 only):
Select “PCI-MIO-16E-4”

From the Toolbar: Select “Properties”

From the “Configuring Device 1” window:
Set Device # to 1
Select the “AI” tab.
Set Polarity/Range to 0 to +10v
Set Mode to “Referenced Single ended”
Click “OK”

Close “Measurement and Automation Explorer”

Step 5:
Open DYNO-MAX “Pro+”.
Do not open a New Run.
From “Electronics”
Select “Communications Port Setup”
Install Scope Module (NI E-Series) as the first board in the list.
Click “Pro” button
Click “Edit PC Bus DAQ Card” button

Step 6:
Reference the “Scope Module Help” to finish the installation.

Tip: Be sure to get the board 100% configured and tested using NI’s Test Panel before trying to configure any of DYNO-MAX’s Scope Module or other settings! Also, remember that in the “Raw Channel Dampening” screen (for the NI board only) the resolution must be set to 0.00000005 seconds (5e-008). In that same screen, make sure that all of the NI board’s dampening is set to 0 and that Spike Filtering is deactivated (unchecked)!

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