2020 Trade Shows are cancelled so let DYNOmite bring them to you...

Trade Show Update


Trade Shows have been cancelled for 2020 and we are disappointed as you are. But in anticipation of this reality, we have been working hard to create a new-to-the-world virtual booth for our devoted Customers. You will hear more about this in the next weeks, but look for:

  1. Live streaming content with industry experts
  2. Demonstrations with service techs of our equipment
  3. Live chat with Sales and Service staff to discuss industry needs and innovations
  4. Watch as some of the most popular SuperFlow and DYNOMite products are being built
  5. the coolest opportunity the industry has ever experienced – YOUR chance to interact with our Innovation team to finalize versions of software and controls

DYNOmite views this year as an opportunity to engage with you in ways we haven't been able to in the past. Please visit our show page to register for additional information as it becomes available.

Average Performance

Dynamometer techniques to increase an engine's total "area under the curve" horsepower.

Courses | 07.28.20

How can I improve my engine’s average power?

Strive for AVERAGE performance! What??? Well, we don’t mean run-of-the-mill performance; we’re talking about making your engine’s entire Hp curve stronger. Too often during dynamometer testing there is a tendency to focus on flash power peaks. Customers and novice dyno operators do this all the time… mostly because the numbers are higher!

However, vehicles must accelerate using their entire RPM band…. and even drag engines must produce strong power for more than just a single 1/10 second line on a data points listing! You want sustainable power.

Both the DYNOmite data-acquisition computer and DYNO-MAX software have features that help you stay focused on average results. Instead of just capturing and examining short sweep test data, make some longer duration pulls at fixed RPM steps.

Next, crank up your Time Averaging period. See how the horsepower holds up. Averages will be lower (but more consistent) than peaks, but if those numbers start tanking, you’re onto tracking down some power leaches.

Run tests to see if climbing engine temperature is killing power. Since 4-strokes like the efficiency of warm blocks, maybe the induction system’s thermal isolation could be better. Or, perhaps detonation is beginning as piston crown temperatures rise! Sometimes the exhaust’s sonic tuning changes as the pipe temperatures stabilize. Are you tuning for the wrong temperatures? Is exhaust heat or leakage affecting the inlet air supply?

DYNO-MAX’s tools can even pull average data from quick sweep tests… with its “Average Hp” formula. The “Pro” version’s Graph Setup has an “Average Columns” checkbox… that averages every formula on your Data Points listing. Or, when doing graph overlays, it can average multiple test pulls into a set of averaged data lines.

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