Develop More Powerful Engines

Develop more powerful engines by pinpointing exact RPMs of power losses or gains from component or tuning changes (to know what works). Tune injection and spark maps without endless track time. Perform standardized break-in, endurance tests, or run complex engine simulations from idle to full throttle – without any tedious programming. Increase profits selling dyno services and pre-proven performance. Significant horsepower gains are common during tuning sessions, so customers willingly pay for dynoing.

Toroidal-Flow Absorbers

Toroidal-flow absorbers couple to engine either via, the docking-station’s telescoping driveshaft or the mobile-stand’s heat-treated 1-3/8″x10-spline input shaft and your clutch disk or heavy-duty dampened drive plate. Pre-machined mounting plates fit popular GM/Ford bell-housing patterns (may be custom drilled). Full-bridge strain-gauge load cell (torque transducer) is environmentally-sealed and temperature compensated.

Simplified Installation

Just one benefit of the mobile engine test-stand dyno’s design is simplified installation. They allow easy test set-ups, by mechanics and machinists with no dyno experience, for quick horsepower plots of an engine’s entire torque vs. RPM curve. With a few options, you can even roll your unit outside for testing – no expensive cell or ventilation system required. Later, as your business expands, you’re ready to step up to a full-blown docking-station test cell (above) with multiple engine carts – all without squandering your original investment.

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