Wireless Radio Mouse and Headphones

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Wireless Radio Mouse and Headphones simplify chassis dyno testing. Mouse features USB port-mounted radio receiver to control DYNO-MAX “Pro” 9.x remotely (without our wireless Pocket-DYNO-MAX™ interface). All that is required is a line of sight to your DYNO-MAX “Pro” Chassis-Console’s large-button screen. Radio based, so it works without even lifting the mouse off of the passenger’s seat (unlike infrared optical mice). The headsets are professional racetrack quality with full VOX and squelch controls. Five preprogrammed channels in the 49-MHz band, and 1/10-watt output, let you say goodbye to shouting and confusing hand signals during testing. Thumb or finger multi-button design provides for full control of most applications. Both the mouse and headsets accept either rechargeable or lithium batteries.


Model Number: Part # 430-121 (wireless radio mouse and USB receiver - only) Part # 430-124 (pair of wireless radio headsets - only)

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