S-Beam Load Cells

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S-Beam Load Cells are equipped with full-bridge strain gauges for maximum signal-to-noise ratios and inherent insensitivity to ambient-temperature changes. Each cell’s balanced four-wire configuration is engineered to provide three millivolts of output per/volt of excitation (from your data-acquisition system’s five- or ten-volt supply). Load cells include a compression vibration dampener and spherical rod end, but can also be mounted without dampener and in tension for appropriate applications. Each cell is permanently preharnessed and ready to plug directly into the torque-arm (strain gauge) harness lead of compatible full-bridge DYNOmite data-acquisition computers. (Warning: Be sure to select load-cells range so that peak transient loads will never exceed more than 150% of full-load rating.)


Model Number: Part # 969-003 (2.5 pound - 100% load = 15-mv output @ 5-volt excitation) Part # 970-007 (1,000 pound - 100% load = 15-mv output @ 5-volt excitation) Part # – call – (for other ranges from 2.5 to 20,000 pounds)

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