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Professional roll-formed steel frame, removable stand (or wall) mount vibration-isolated console, universal (rubber mount) engine plate, throttle, shelves, battery tray, and wheels (less laptop). An optional overhead boom is also available.

“Pro” Small Engine Stand and Console for out-of-the-chassis dynoing. Accepts a wide range of small engines. Typical customer applications have included: PWCs, motorcycles, ATVs, karts, chain saws, etc. Every modular stand assembly accepts our vibration-isolated universal engine plate (included), or the optional new eddy-current and reaction-cradle frames. The wheeled base accepts a large automotive battery (for starting the engine, powering the data-acquisition system, etc.) and has an integral tool-storage area. The removable (for wall mounting) console mounts on special rubber vibration isolators and is similar looking to our Automotive “Pro” Console. This “mini” console includes an analog tachometer, neat mounting provisions for your DYNOmite computer, access ports for laptop cables, plus openings for both our optional throttle and load controls. An optional adjustable overhead “skyhook boom” (for hanging accessories or exhaust) is available.


Model Number: #970-155

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