Optional Torque Arms

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Optional Torque Arms for DYNOmite water-brake absorbers feature full-bridge strain gauges for maximum signal-to-noise ratios and minimum temperature sensitivity. The arms patented design is immune to moment-arm stop’s radius. This feature eliminates torque reading errors from geometry changes and affords you maximum flexibility when designing a custom test stand. Balanced four-wire configuration provides 15 millivolts of output at 100% of full-scale load. Special light-duty and heavy-duty versions allow tailoring the dyno’s range to your specific testing application. Each arm comes prewired and all ready to plug into the torque-arm harness lead of compatible DYNOmite data-acquisition computers.


Model Number: Part # 707-021 (heavy-duty version of 5" and 7" “Kart” absorber arms) Part # 709-001 (light-duty version of 9" “Snow” absorber arm) Part # 713-021 (heavy-duty version of 13" older straight-vane absorber arm) Part # 743-021 (heavy-duty version of 13" newer Toroid absorber arm) Part # – call – (for replacement or custom range arms)

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