Motorcycle/ATV Dyno Trailer

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Low-profile, DOT-approved, trailering package for our Motorcycle/ATV dynamometer – makes your system 100 mobile.

Trailer Option for Motorcycle/ATV Chassis Dynos allows hauling your DYNOmite to dealer shows, club events, racetracks, and even other dealerships. Designed for easy bolt-on attachment and removal, the trailer integrally nests your DYNOmite’s frame. Tests can be run without even unhooking the dyno from your tow vehicle. The trailer’s dropped rubber-ride axle and low-profile tires keep the platform down near the comfortable loading heights that technicians enjoy. All-welded frame features smooth tube-steel lines, gloss black finish, polished diamond-plate fenders, and recessed D.O.T.-approved lights that complement the professional looks of the rest of your DYNOmite system. (Includes a Certificate of Origin for local registration.)


Model Number: #970-589

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