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Trade Shows have been cancelled for 2020 and we are disappointed as you are. But in anticipation of this reality, we have been working hard to create a new-to-the-world virtual booth for our devoted Customers. You will hear more about this in the next weeks, but look for:

  1. Live streaming content with industry experts
  2. Demonstrations with service techs of our equipment
  3. Live chat with Sales and Service staff to discuss industry needs and innovations
  4. Watch as some of the most popular SuperFlow and DYNOMite products are being built
  5. the coolest opportunity the industry has ever experienced – YOUR chance to interact with our Innovation team to finalize versions of software and controls

DYNOmite views this year as an opportunity to engage with you in ways we haven't been able to in the past. Please visit our show page to register for additional information as it becomes available.

Industrial Vertical/Horizontal Kit

Small Engine |


Components for testing many small engines to 100+ Hp.* Includes: “Pro” industrial horizontal/vertical small-engine stand with “Auto-Tilt”™ option, #100 eddy-current absorber, 100-pound S-beam load cell, DYNOmite-Pro data-acquisition computer, DYNO-MAX “Pro” software, electronic load control, absorber-mounted magnetic RPM pickup, 28-channel data harness, mounting hardware, banner, accessories package, and manual (less PC). Note: Version with AC absorber and drive (including motoring) also available.


DYNOmite Data-Acquisition Computer  

Hardware configuration

Expandable, hybrid (surface-mount and thru-hole) multi-layer board system

Voltage requirements (DAQ only)

Runs on 120-volt 60-Hz AC, 240-volt 50-Hz AC, or 12-volt DC (specify)


CE and/or UL approved (per locale)

Board type and channel capacity

Pro, PC linked − 56 channel

Expansion capacity upgrades

56-channel capable subsystem − standard (112+ channel optional)

Data rate

User-selectable rates up to 200 (1,000 optional) recordings per second (per channel)

Transducer wiring interface

Quick-disconnect data harness − 28-channel (two included)


Non-volatile setup memory

Atmospheric correction

Standard, SAE, DIN, JIS, ECE, J1995, Custom

Wireless-Integration Options


Recording features

Smart Record™ automated recorder triggering

Data interface

User selectable, USB or RS-232 serial port, output to a PC − via DYNO-MAX software option

Third-party data-output interface options

Free Windows driver for National Instrument’s Lab View™ available

Temperature sensor

0 to 255 Fahrenheit [-18 to 124 Celsius] thermistor (two included)

Standard and optional sensor inputs

RPM, torque, frequency, flows, pressures, thermocouples, thermistors, 0-5 volts, Lambda, smoke opacity, position, etc.

Standard and optional control outputs

Ignition shut-off, relay control, load-control stepper output, 0-5 volt D/A, etc.

Torque Transducer  


Environmentally sealed S-beam load cell

Maximum displayed torque

Unlimited ft-lbs [N-m] − real-time and playback

Load-cell range

0 to 200 foot pounds [0 to 272 Nm] (other ranges available)

Load-cell signal-output gain

3 millivolts/volt

Load-cell resolution Better than 0.02% of full-scale accuracy − typical
Strain gauges Linearized full-bridge strain gauges in balanced Wheatstone bridge
Advanced linearization (software) User-configurable edit table (interpolated deviation map)
System torque resolution Better than 0.1% of full-scale accuracy − typical
Calibration features Semi-automatic calibration of zero offset
Drift stabilization Ratiometric supply-voltage and temperature compensation
Engine Station Assembly  


Delta-frame receiving dock with integral rolling-cart alignment guides and quick-mount clamps

Mechanical dock construction Heavy-duty formed-steel and tube-steel (delta) frame dock − with quick-mount clamps
Mechanical cart construction Heavy-duty tube steel cart and (removable) push bar − with adjustable engine mounts, large-diameter heavy-duty steel wheels and casters
Absorber to engine coupling Toothed-belt drive @ 1:1 ratio (other ratios available) via telescoping heavy-duty drive shaft (custom dampening-specifications optional)
Driveshaft 1720 style – telescoping drive shaft (custom dampening-specifications optional)
Driveshaft guard Integral heavy-duty steel − 360 degree
Installation Slab-mount with integral anchoring bosses
Engine-Stand Weight Capacities  
Maximum dynamic load 200 pounds [90 kg]
Maximum static load 200 pounds [90 kg]
Power Capacity (RPM dependent)*  
Notice *Power capacity is speed and temperature dependent (typical loading plots available)
Maximum displayed power Unlimited Hp [KW] − real-time
Maximum displayed torque Unlimited Ft-Lbs [N-m] − real-time
Peak steady-state power 100+ Hp [75+ KW] @ 5,000 RPM (see absorber’s “warm” load chart)
Peak steady-state torque 160+ Ft-Lbs [217+ Nm]  @ 1,100 RPM (see absorber’s “warm” load chart)
Peak intermittent RPM 6,500 RPM (other ranges available, see absorber load charts – may be further limited, by selected driveshaft)
Maximum continuous power 50+ Hp [37+ KW] @ 5,000 RPM (see absorber’s load chart)
Maximum continuous torque 70+ Ft-Lbs [95+ Nm]  @ 1,100 RPM (see absorber’s “hot” load chart)
Maximum continuous RPM 5,000 RPM (other ranges available, see absorber “hot” load charts – may be further limited, by selected driveshaft)
Engine (and Absorber) Tachometers  
Range 0 – 32,000+ RPM real-time display (user reconfigurable)
Timing reference Quartz-crystal calibrated
Resolution 0.1 RPM (typical)
Primary RPM signal Absorber-mounted hall-effect sensor
Signal compatibility User adjustable trigger voltages − pulse type selectable from ½ to 240 PPR
Alternate tachometer options Optional ignition and optical RPM pickups
Absorber and Load Control  
Absorber to Engine coupling Toothed-belt drive @ 1:1 ratio (other ratios available) via telescoping heavy-duty drive shaft (custom dampening-specifications optional)
Absorber speed / RPM regulation Electronic auto-load “Ultra-Flow” control (closed-loop PID) with automated test cycles via DYNO-MAX
Absorption method #100 air-cooled eddy-current absorber with electronic load-valve control
Bidirectional capable Yes

Power requirements (for absorber)

20-amps @ 240-volts AC @ 60-Hertz [or 50-Hertz]

Throttle (torque / power) regulation Electronic-throttle control of torque, power, or % − including automated test cycles via DYNO-MAX (also supports manual control)
Approximate Dimensions and Weight (Do not construct any test-cell foundations until system is on site)
Engine station assembly Heavy-duty steel, monocoque, frame − with rollover options
Width (frame  less rollover system) 35″ [89 cm]
Length (in vertical mode) 40″ [102 cm]
Length (in horizontal mode) 96″ [244 cm]
Height to engine-plate surface) 40″ [102 cm]
Height to engine centerline (from floor) 57½” [146 cm]
Weight 400 pounds [181 kg] (less optional rollover system)
Dynamometer Control Software  
Features Too many to list here − review DYNO-MAX specification pages and demo CD download
Notable trademarks Remote DYNO-MAX™ − network/internet viewing/control software (included free in DYNO-MAX “Pro“)
Software versions DYNOmite EEPROM version # 9.977 plus DYNO-MAX version #10.23 (included)
Control Console and PC Options  
Monitor “Pro” console with genuine Intel-equipped Dell PC and 17″ LCD display (included)
Network viewing Remote DYNO-MAX™ − network/internet viewing/control software (included free in DYNO-MAX “Pro“)
Rolling operator’s chair Adjustable-height chair with swiveling casters (included)
Data Collection Options  
Airflow Turbines Measure real-time intake CFM and BSAC (two turbines included)
Air/fuel ratio monitoring Optional 9-19 range AFR exhaust-gas module
Dynamometer control software DYNO-MAX software packages (see separate specifications page and demo CD) − (“Pro” version included)
Exhaust Gas Temperature thermocouples Fast-acting EGT probes allow reading and displaying up to eight sensors per DYNOmite-Pro board set. (8 probes included)
Electronic throttle control Unit allows PC to throttle engine during DYNO-MAX automated-test cycles (included)
Exhaust-emissions analyzer Optional five-gas analyzer (O2, CO, CO2, HC’s, and NOX) via digital DYNO-MAX RS-232 link.
Fuel-Flow Turbines Measure real-time fuel consumption and BSFC (two turbines included)
Pressure transducers Universal 0-5 volts pressure sensors (two included)
Weather station module Weather station provides automatic entry of air temperature, barometric pressure, and relative humidity (included)
Other Options  
Cooling Tower Assembly Thermostatically-controlled (adjustable – includes gauge) unit regulates engine temperature – individual rotating top and bottom segments (anodized ), quick-fill/drain valve, and air-bleed knob (included)
Integral engine starters Optional CW and/or CCW absorber-mounted electric or pneumatic starters
Patch Panel Subsystem Optional rolling-stand sensor interface cabinet with quick-disconnect fittings
Model Number: #011-100-2K

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