Exhaust Smoke Opacity Meter

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Provides real-time monitoring of diesel engine’s exhaust-stack emissions (includes integral LCD).


Proper calibration is vital if you expect to get results you can compare with other published test data. It takes only a few minutes to verify the dyno’s accuracy. 

“Remember, garbage in, garbage out!”

Dead Weight Calibration Kits.Dead Weight Calibration Kits allow for easy in-house verification of the DYNOmite’s accuracy – without chasing around to rent certified weights. Recalibration is typically necessary on a periodic basis (frequency depends on test precision requirements, type of usage, etc.) and whenever swapping torque arms or data-acquisition computers.

Part # 950-135 (8½ pounds)
Part # 950-145 (25 pounds)
Part # 950-150 (50 pounds)
Part # 950-155 (100 pounds)
Part # 950-160 (150 pounds)

Sling_Psychrometer.Sling Psychrometer in a rugged, self-contained, protective carrying case. Standardizing dynamometer horsepower readings requires accurate relative-humidity and temperature data. The most precise way to capture this vital test information is by using a sling psychrometer. It is a must for manual humidity information entry and also a great way to verify (or reset) your automatic weather station’s calibration. Simple to use, it takes less than a minute to get a precise relative-humidity reading – works at the racetrack, too.

Part # 950-250

Fuel Hydrometer.Fuel Hydrometers are a must for determining specific gravity of your test fuel. Operators need to input the fuel’s density data into the dynamometer’s software in order to return accurate flow and BSFC data (when using the DYNOmite’s optional fuel-flow transducer). This hydrometer kit includes the beaker and both a gasoline and alcohol hydrometer. Quick and easy to use – just drop in the bulb and simply read the fuel’s specific gravity number directly off its scale!

Part # 950-065 (includes both gasoline and alcohol hydrometers)

DYNOmite Weather Station.Weather Station for real-time automatic entry of air-temperature, barometric-pressure, and relative-humidity atmospheric conditions – when the “TEST” record button is pressed. With DYNO-MAX, it also provides continuous real-time monitoring and allows for continuous (by operator-selected method) real-time atmospheric correction as weather changes during a lengthy test session. Eliminates worrying about manually logging weather data for accurate power and torque correction. Compatible with both DYNOmite-Basic and DYNOmite-Pro board sets. ((Requires Full-Function Harness and current EEPROM upgrade.)

Part # 430-465
Model Number: #430-170

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