Exhaust Pressure Transducer Kit

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Exhaust Pressure Transducer Kit allows the recording of high-temperature pressure data from the engine’s exhaust system. The kit makes it easy to monitor both the pressure losses and efficiencies of various muffler and exhaust pipe configurations. A -12 to +22 PSI or a 0 to 75 PSI range transducer is coupled to a stainless-steel cooling tube to thermally isolate the sensor element. With proper installation, it is possible to monitor pressures right at the inlet of an extremely hot turbocharger’s turbine housing or exhaust manifold. (Requires appropriate Full-Function Harness and DYNO-MAX software-equipped PC or laptop.)


Model Number: Part #436-022 (-12 to 22 psig) | Part #436-075 (0 to 75 psig)

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