Exhaust Measuring System 5-gas

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Five-gas emissions analyzer (O2, CO, CO2, HCs, and NOX) with real-time readouts (on integral LCD) and optional display and capture of exhaust data (including lambda and AFR) via digital DYNO-MAX RS-232 link.

Exhaust Measuring System five-gas analyzer for real-time monitoring of engines emissions during chassis or engine dynamometer testing. Large integral LCD panels. Simple user interface includes both manual and automatic zeroing, low-flow warnings, out-of-range detection, etc. five-gas analyzer includes O2 (0-25%), CO (0-10%), CO2 (0-20%), HCs (0-2000 ppm), and NOX (0-5000 ppm) readouts. Lambda and AFR are also calculated and displayed when using the (all digital) link to a PC running the optional DYNO-MAX software. (Requires an available RS-232 serial port and DYNO-MAX standard or “Pro” software). Integral vacuum pumps and water separator make the system compact and easy to maintain. Flexible stainless-steel tailpipe “sniffer” probe and 25′ hose includes quick disconnect coupling. Less than five-minute warm-up time with typical accuracy of ±1% (or better) of full scale. Fast response time < 9 seconds to 90% of actual. 12-volt lighter plug DC operation allows the DYNOmite EMS to go on the road for real-world emissions monitoring (also includes 120-volt AC supply).


Model Number: #430-175

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