Exhaust Gas Temperature (EGT)

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Exhaust Gas Temperature (EGT) thermocouples are a must accessory for jetting two strokes, setting up N2O systems, or just safely dynoing high-output engines. While power is often gained by leaning out, this can take the engine to the point of melting pistons. The best way to avoid costly engine damage is to monitor EGT, AFR, and Brake Specific Fuel Consumption data. These fast-acting thermocouple kits allow both reading and displaying up to eight temperatures per DYNOmite-Pro board set. Kits include required EEPROM software upgrade. (Requires Full-Function Harness.)


Model Number: Part # 430-440 (3-probes with band clamps and upgrade) Part # 430-441 (3-probes with compression fittings and upgrade) Part # 430-442 (single-cycle kart applications and upgrade) Part # 430-443 (4-probes with compression fittings and upgrade)

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