Data-Acquisition and Relay Subsystem

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Data-Acquisition and Relay Subsystem provides a neat wiring hub on the engine stand. Includes dual DYNOmite-Pro board pairs (#430-454) for 56 channels. The system’s stainless steel-housing helps to reduce EMI/RFI from the electromagnetic fields of ignition systems, alternators, and electrical noise in the test cell. Housing accommodates up to four DYNOmite data-acquisition computer board-set pairs (allowing 112 channels in just a single subsystem). One 4-Circuit Relay Kit is included, with provisions for mounting a second, to support up to eight switched (via DYNO-MAX) devices. Each housing accepts a DYNOmite Weather Station module. Color-coded screw-on wiring posts accept either banana plugs, spade terminals, or direct-wire connections. Externally accessible fuse holders are prewired to convenient internal terminal blocks.


Model Number: Part # 430-307 (also available in other custom configurations - call)

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