Countershaft Kit for 9″ Absorbers

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Countershaft Kit for 9″ Absorbers ease fabrication of custom engine-dynamometer stands for many small-engine test applications. Package includes heat-treated and machined stainless-steel shaft with an end taper that directly accepts our popular 9″ size “snowmobile” DYNOmite absorber. Carbon-fiber reinforced 14mm synchronous drive belt, pulleys, and machinable Taper-Loc hub insert are designed to couple the engine’s output shaft to this countershaft. A pair of low-friction ball bearings (in self-aligning spherical-bearing blocks with locking collars) is supplied for easy shaft mounting and initial belt-tension adjustment – on your own floor- or bench-mounted engine-testing frame.


Model Number: Part #575-170 (with 125-tooth belt and 28 x 28 ratio pulleys - 1.5" hub bore) | Part #575-181 (with 125-tooth belt and 28 x 67 ratio pulleys - 2.5" hub bore) | Part # – call – (for custom hubs, shafts, belt lengths, and ratios)

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