Blowby Transducer Kit

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Blowby Transducer Kit monitors your engine’s ring sealing, real-time, during engine or chassis-dyno testing. The transducer is inserted into the crankcase’s breather hose – and plugs into any available DYNOmite 0-5 volt channel. DYNO-MAX then records the exhaust-gas flow (in CFM) passing through the transducer’s precision flat-plate orifice. A single transducer is adaptable to engines passing 0.5 to 19.8 CFM – suitable for (healthy) internal-combustion engines of up to about 2,000 horsepower. (Requires DYNO-MAX 2010 with appropriate Full-Function Harness and current EEPROM upgrade.)


Model Number: Part #430-845 (with flat-plate orifices covering the 0.5 - 19.8 CFM range)

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