Automotive Driveline Adapter

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Automotive Driveline Adapter mounting package connects our 13″ water-brake absorbers to many popular engine bellhousings. It features an anodized billet-aluminum housing, high-speed low-friction bearing, and heat-treated shaft assembly that couples the absorber directly to many popular Chevy, Ford, and Lakewood bellhousing and pressure-plate assemblies. It may be custom machined to fit other specialty applications. (Note: This same adapter is included in several DYNOmite automotive engine stand, non-docking-station type, dynamometer configurations.)


Model Number: Part #910-900 (with 1-1/8" x 10 spline "Chevy" input shaft) | Part #910-902 (with 1-3/8" x 10 spline "Ford" input shaft) | Part #540-905 ("Chrysler" - includes input shaft only)

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