Auto Throttle Servo

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Auto Throttle Servo adds automatic throttle control to any dual-board DYNOmite console system. Allows using DYNO-MAX “Pro” to configure road and track driving simulations. (Requires Data Channel Expansion Unit – part #430-454 and DYNO-MAX software equipped PC.) Optional Throttle Position Feedback Sensor supports recording of actual percentage open and also provides more repeatable percent-position indexing. Its linear sensor may be attached directly to the throttle assembly (as shown) or, for elimination of cable-backlash errors, may be adapted directly to the engine’s throttle-body linkage. (Requires Auto Throttle Servo Kit, part #430-312, and DYNO-MAX software equipped PC.)


Model Number: Part #430-312 (Auto Throttle and Servo assembly) | Part #430-190 (optional Throttle Position Feedback Sensor add-on) | Part #970-114 (manual throttle only - not including servo)

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