Auto Load Servo

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Upgrades manual-load valve DYNOmite to standard-flow (1″ barrel with single-outlet port) electronic servo valve, for automatic (computerized) RPM control.

Auto Load Servo Valve is one of the most popular DYNOmite accessories we sell. Precision 12-volt powered stepper motor and drive allows for convenient, one-handed throttle operation during even complex automated dynamometer test sessions. Input your sweep rate and holding RPM, then just open the throttle to have the computer take over loading the engine – automatically. Millisecond-range step response outperforms even the best human operators. Available in various Hp flow capacities to match a wide range of DYNOmite or third-party absorbers. (Requires a Full-Function Pro Harness, like #425-280, and current EEPROM upgrade.)


Model Number: #430-310

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