Auto DYNOmite “Pro Stand Upgrade Module”

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Auto DYNOmite “Pro Stand Upgrade Module” features many popular add-ons for our DYNOmite Auto Test Stand (see #100-902). Includes: 6-gallon Fuel Tank Assembly – mounts directly into the engine stand for easier portable operation (eliminates the need for a large external tank in your dyno cell). Starter Solenoid Assembly – mounted in the dyno stand (eliminates the need to run any separate engine solenoid). Fuel Pump Assembly – with a preplumbed high-volume adjustable pressure regulator and quick-disconnect braided-stainless aircraft hose (eliminates the need to run a mechanical fuel pump). Stainless Steel Drip Pan – slips into the bottom of the stand (designed with drain plug for easy cleanup). Stainless Steel Battery Tray – with rubberized clamps (completes this mobility upgrade).


Model Number: Part #950-100

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