Air/Fuel Ratio Exhaust Probe and Pump

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Air/Fuel Ratio Exhaust Probe and Pump with harness for measuring a vehicle’s mixture from its tailpipe – during chassis dyno testing. This kit combines our AFR module (#430-186) with a reliable vacuum air pump – for extracting hot sample gases at the tailpipe outlet. The pump is powered directly from your shop’s compressed-air supply. The extra-long (bendable) sampling tube avoids fresh-air dilution and sensor-damaging water vapor separation. Your O2 sensors stay accurate and cleaner longer – without constant filter-jar maintenance hassles. The adjustable retention hardware adapts the probe and pump to almost any vehicle’s tailpipe configuration. A remote mount Pulse Dampening Pump Hose kit (#430-189) should also be ordered for most bikes and single-cylinder exhausts. (Requires an available 0-5 volt channel and DYNO-MAX software.)


Model Number: #430-182 | #430-179

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