AFR (air-fuel ratio) Module

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Direct-reading exhaust O2 sensor supports both 0 – 5 volt and digital outputs (for integrating directly with DYNO-MAX).

Air/Fuel Ratio Exhaust Sensor Module and harness for measuring the engine’s mixture on the dyno or road. Its ultra-wide 9 through 16 A/F Ratio range DYNOmite sensor is broad enough for high-performance gasoline-engine tuning. (Works with most pump fuels.) Sensors are individually offset-trim matched, so multiple sensors can be used for cylinder-to-cylinder comparison testing (with one switch-controlled module). Outputs include both a near-linear 0-5 volt analog signal (requiring no correction mapping over most of its working range) and an (all digital) RS-232 link to DYNO-MAX. The digital interface avoids the multiple analog conversion errors – common in other units! This system’s typical accuracy of ±2% (or better when near the stoichiometric ratio) and fast response time make it suitable for even many research laboratory grade, transient dynamometer test programs. Semi-automatic offset calibration in free air allows for easy field verification. (Requires available 0-5 volt channel and DYNO-MAX software.)


Model Number: #430-186

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