ACtiveSync™ and Starter Motor Options

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ACtiveSync™ and Starter Motor Options provide the means to motor the driveline from the roll(s). Both options include a very high-torque electric motor, ready to mount to your existing DYNOmite’s frame – via the included adjustable belt-tensioning base plate. The torque multiplication of its direct-drive design eliminates crude friction couplings. ACtiveSync motoring drive (including encoder) allows “steeper downhill” (coasting) inertia simulations, tighter speed control, plus AWD axle synchronization – especially with the optional Resistive Load Bank to add absorption capability. Note: For starter-only applications, the 30-Hp electric motor is wound to accept either 208 or 480 volt three-phase AC power from your appropriate-capacity electric contactor.


Model Number: Part #970-535 (starter only for 30" roll/frame models - call for other models) | Part #036-030 (ACtiveSync motor and drive for 30" roll/frame models) | Part #442-030 (Resistive Load Bank allows ACtiveSync power absorption)

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