AC Axle-Hub Dyno

AC | Axle-Hub Dynamometers |


Includes: Pair of heavy-duty rolling modules with AC drives and high-speed (low-inertia) AC motoring absorbers, automatic camber compensation, dual torque transducers, swivel casters, alloy quick-change axle-flange adapters, DYNOmite-Pro data-acquisition computers, axle and engine (ignition) RPM pick-ups, Auto-Load Control, 3-channel data harness, DYNO-MAX “Pro” software, atmospheric correction, banner, accessories package, and manual (less PC). (Upgradeable to AWD configuration – at any time.) (Upgradeable to AWD configuration – at any time.)

AC Axle-Hub Varations:


Model Number: #046-040-1K | #046-080-1K

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