9000-Pro 6WD EC Chassis Dyno

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9,000* “Pro” multi-axle 6WD eddy-current dynamometer system includes: heavy-duty tube-steel frame and 30″-diameter “dually” wide-roll assemblies (front and tandem-rear axles) – with machined-in “traction grooves,” CNC turned and balanced rolls, air brakes, electrically adjustable wheelbase frame with sliding diamond-tread deck plates, floor anchors, vehicle tie downs, electronic multi-axle synchronization, triple eddy-current absorbers and controllers with overdrives, triple S-beam load cells, DYNOmite-Pro data-acquisition computers, inductive RPM pickup, DYNO-MAX “Pro” software, auto-load control, 28-channel data harnesses, temperature thermistor, Windows 7-equipped Dell laptop, computer stand, AFR module (with pump), weather station, 42″ cooling fan, color printer, banner, accessories package, and manual.


Model Number: #036-9000-2K

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