800 Engine Dyno Kit

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800+ HP kit includes: shaft-mount 13″ toroid water-brake absorber, strain-gauge-equipped torque arm, DYNOmite-Pro data-acquisition computer, manual-load valve, 28-channel data harness, mobile engine stand, wall console, throttle, bell-housing adapter plate, 1-3/8″ x 10 splined clutch input shaft, mounting hardware, stainless-braided hoses with aircraft fittings, and manual.


DYNOmite Data-Acquisition Computer  

Hardware configuration

Expandable, hybrid (surface-mount and thru-hole) multi-layer board system

Voltage requirements (DAQ only)

Runs on 120-volt 60-Hz AC, 240-volt 50-Hz AC, or 12-volt DC (specify)


CE and/or UL approved (per locale)

Board type and channel capacity

PC linked − 28 channel

Expansion capacity upgrades

28-channel capable subsystem − standard (56 and 112+ channel optional)

Data rate

User-selectable rates up to 200 (1,000 optional) recordings per second (per channel)

Transducer wiring interface

Quick-disconnect data harness − 28-channel (included)


Non-volatile setup memory

Atmospheric correction

Standard, SAE, DIN, JIS, ECE, J1995, Custom

Wireless-integration options


Recording features

Smart Record™ automated recorder triggering

Data interface

User selectable, USB or RS-232 serial port, output to a PC − via DYNO-MAX software option

Third-party data-output interface options

Free Windows driver for National Instrument’s Lab View™ available

Temperature sensor options

0 to 255 Fahrenheit [-18 to 124 Celsius] thermistor (included)

Standard and optional sensor inputs

RPM and torque (standard) − frequency, flows, pressures, thermocouples, thermistors, 0-5 volts, Lambda, smoke opacity, position, etc. (optional)

Standard and optional control outputs

Ignition shut-off, relay control, load-control stepper output, 0-5 volt D/A, etc.

Torque Transducer  


Environmentally sealed, moment-length independent, torque arm

Maximum displayed torque

Unlimited ft-lbs [N-m] − real-time and playback

Load-cell range

0 to 1,000 foot pounds [0 to 339 Nm] (other ranges available)

Load-cell signal-output gain

3 millivolts/volt

Load-cell resolution Better than 0.02% of full-scale accuracy − typical
Strain gauges Linearized full-bridge strain gauges in balanced Wheatstone bridge
Advanced linearization (software) User-configurable edit table (interpolated deviation map)
System torque resolution Better than 0.1% of full-scale accuracy − typical
Calibration features Semi-automatic calibration of zero offset
Drift stabilization Ratiometric supply-voltage and temperature compensation
Mobile Engine Stand Assembly  


Delta-frame rolling engine stand with zero-moment engine-bellhousing adapter

Mechanical cart construction Heavy-duty formed-steel cart − with adjustable engine mounts, large-diameter urethane-coated steel wheels and locking casters
Absorber to engine coupling Inline 1:1 ratio via included splined shaft (included)
Installation Mobile, with self-contained drip tray, fuel-tank compartment, battery tray, etc.
Engine-Cart Weight Capacities  
Maximum dynamic load 2,000 pounds [908 kg] (other cart options available)
Maximum static load 2,000 pounds [908 kg] (other cart options available)
Power Capacity (RPM dependent)*  
Notice *Actual load capacity depends on test RPM (typical loading plots available)  water brakes require a minimum water flow of 1 gpm @ 30 to 60 psi for every 20 continuous Hp.
Maximum displayed power Unlimited Hp [KW] − real-time
Maximum displayed torque Unlimited Ft-Lbs [N-m] − real-time
Maximum continuous power 800+ Hp [597+ KW] @ 7,000 RPM − 200+ Hp [149+ KW] @ 2,500 RPM (see absorber’s load chart − other ranges available)
Maximum continuous torque 920+ Ft-Lbs [1,247+ Nm]  @ 3,500 RPM (see absorber’s load chart – other ranges available)
Maximum RPM 10,000+ RPM (other ranges available, see absorber load charts)
Engine (and Absorber) Tachometers  
Range 0 – 32,000+ RPM real-time display (user reconfigurable)
Timing reference Quartz-crystal calibrated
Resolution 0.1 RPM (typical)
Primary RPM signal Absorber-mounted hall-effect sensor
Signal compatibility User adjustable trigger voltages − pulse type selectable from ½ to 240 PPR
Alternate tachometer options Optional ignition and optical RPM pickups
Absorber and Load Control  
Absorber to Engine coupling Inline 1:1 ratio via splined shaft and customer-supplied bell housing and clutch disk (custom drive plates optional)
Absorber speed / RPM regulation Manual load “Standard-Flow” control − optional electronic auto-load control (closed-loop PID) automated test cycles via DYNO-MAX
Absorption method 13″ toroidal-flow water-brake absorber with manual “Standard-Flow” load-valve control
Absorber sensitivity User-adjustable outlet orifices (included)
Bidirectional capable Yes
Power requirements (for load control) 10-amps @ 12-volts DC
Throttle (torque / power) regulation Optional − electronic-throttle control of torque, power, or % − including automated test cycles via DYNO-MAX (also supports manual control)
Approximate Dimensions and Weight (Do not construct any test-cell foundations until system is on site)
Engine stand assembly Heavy-duty formed-steel cart
Width 32″ [81 cm]
Length 22″ [56 cm]
Height 44¼” [112 cm]
Height (at cart rails) 21¾” [55 cm]
Height to engine centerline (from floor) ~35″ [89 cm] (adjustable)
Weight 355 pounds [161 kg] (less cart)
Dynamometer Control Software Options  
Features Too many to list here − review DYNO-MAX specification pages and demo CD download
Notable trademarks Remote DYNO-MAX™ − network/internet viewing/control software (included free in DYNO-MAX “Pro“)
Software versions DYNOmite EEPROM version # 9.977 plus DYNO-MAX version #10.23
Control Console and PC Options  
Monitor Optional  “Pro” console with genuine Intel-equipped Dell PC and 17″ LCD display
Network viewing Remote DYNO-MAX™ − network/internet viewing/control software (included free in DYNO-MAX “Pro“)
Rolling operator’s chair Optional adjustable-height chair with swiveling casters
Wall-mount console Wall (or engine-cart) mount control panel (included)
Data Collection Options  
Airflow Turbines Optional transducers measure real-time intake CFM and BSAC
Air/fuel ratio monitoring Optional 9-19 range AFR exhaust-gas module
Dynamometer control software Optional DYNO-MAX software upgrade packages (see separate specifications page and demo CD)
Exhaust Gas Temperature thermocouples Optional fast-acting EGT probes allow reading and displaying up to eight sensors per DYNOmite-Pro board set.
Electronic auto-load control Optional unit allows PC to load-control RPM (closed-loop PID) and run automated test cycles via DYNO-MAX
Electronic throttle control Optional unit allows PC to throttle engine during DYNO-MAX automated-test cycles
Exhaust-emissions analyzer Optional five-gas analyzer (O2, CO, CO2, HC’s, and NOX) via digital DYNO-MAX RS-232 link.
Fuel-Flow Turbines Optional transducers measure real-time fuel consumption and BSFC
Pressure transducers Optional universal 0-5 volts pressure sensors
Weather station module Optional weather station provides automatic entry of air temperature, barometric pressure, and relative humidity
Other Options  
Cooling Tower Assembly Optional thermostatically-controlled (adjustable − includes gauge) unit regulates engine temperature − individual rotating top and bottom segments (anodized ), quick-fill/drain valve, and air-bleed knob
Integral engine starters Optional CW and/or CCW absorber-mounted electric or pneumatic starters
Patch Panel Optional sensor interface panel-box enclosure with plug-in sensor leads
Patch Panel Subsystem Optional rolling-stand sensor interface cabinet with plug-in sensor leads and quick-disconnect fittings
Model Number: #015-500-1K

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