#800 EC PTO Dyno Trailer

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800* eddy-current PTO dyno for testing typical tractors to 800+ Hp includes: enclosed monocoque steel frame with integral (DOT approved) trailering package – including brakes and adjustable leveling stabilizers, overdriven dual (tandem) #650 eddy-current absorbers with electronic controller and heavy-duty power supply (240-volt AC input), temperature-compensated full-bridge 3,000-pound S-beam load cell, DYNOmite-Pro data-acquisition computer, DYNO-MAX software, auto-load control, magnetic RPM pick-up, 3-channel data harness – with control output, quick-plug (weatherized) receptacles, heavy-duty absorber to PTO shaft, calibration arm, and manual (less PC).


Model Number: #033-800-1K

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