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Trade Shows have been cancelled for 2020 and we are disappointed as you are. But in anticipation of this reality, we have been working hard to create a new-to-the-world virtual booth for our devoted Customers. You will hear more about this in the next weeks, but look for:

  1. Live streaming content with industry experts
  2. Demonstrations with service techs of our equipment
  3. Live chat with Sales and Service staff to discuss industry needs and innovations
  4. Watch as some of the most popular SuperFlow and DYNOMite products are being built
  5. the coolest opportunity the industry has ever experienced – YOUR chance to interact with our Innovation team to finalize versions of software and controls

DYNOmite views this year as an opportunity to engage with you in ways we haven't been able to in the past. Please visit our show page to register for additional information as it becomes available.

4000-HT Axle-Hub Dyno

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4,000+ Hp high-torque (55,000 ft-lb) units include: Pair of heavy-duty rolling modules with dual eddy-current controllers and eight overdriven (high inertia) air-cooled absorbers, automatic camber compensation, thermostatically-controlled fans, dual torque transducers, swivel casters, steel quick-change axle-flange adapters, DYNOmite-Lite data-acquisition computer, axle and engine (ignition) RPM pick-ups, Auto-Load Control, 3-channel data harness, DYNO-MAX software, atmospheric correction, banner, accessories package, and manual (less PC). (Upgradeable to AWD configuration – at any time.)


DYNOmite Data-Acquisition Computer:

Expandable, surface-mount board system  
120-volt 60-Hz, 240-volt 50-Hz, or 12-volt DC
CE and/or UL approved (per locale)
“Pro” PC based 28, 56 or 112+ channel capable board sets, require DYNO-MAX software
“Lite” 3-channel (upgradeable to “Pro” above)
Up to 1,000 recordings per second (per channel)
Quick disconnect data harness
Non-volatile setup memory
“Smart Record” automated recorder triggering
RS232 and USB ports for output to a PC with DYNO-MAX software option

Torque Transducer:

½% of full scale typical accuracy
Environmentally sealed
Semi-automatic zero offset calibration
Temperature compensated

Hp Capacity** (air-cooled eddy-current modules):

**Actual air-cooled eddy-current capacities are test speed and rotor-temperature dependent. Initial cold torque and Hp limits are approximately twice their warm ones. (Hp ratings shown below taken after running 1+ minutes, at full load, in a room-temperature environment.) Continuous ratings are approximately 50% of warm values. See online load charts for curves.
150 modules ≈ 150 Hp (warm – per module)
1000 modules ≈ 1,000 Hp (warm – per pair of modules)
1500 modules ≈ 1,500 Hp (warm – per pair of modules)
2000 modules ≈ 1,000 Hp (warm – per pair of modules)
3000 modules ≈ 1,500 Hp (warm – per pair of modules)
4000 modules ≈ 4,000 Hp (quad-absorbers)
6000 modules ≈ 6,000 Hp (quad-absorbers)
4000-HT modules ≈ 4,000 Hp or ≈ 50,000 ft-lbs (octo-absorbers)
6000-HP modules ≈ 6,000 Hp or ≈ 10,000 ft-lbs (octo-absorbers)
6000-HT modules ≈ 6,000 Hp or ≈ 100,000 ft-lbs (dodeca-absorbers)
10000-HP modules ≈ 10,000 Hp or ≈ 12,000 ft-lbs (octo-absorbers)

Hp Capacity (AC motoring absorber modules):

400 modules ≈ 400 Hp (per pair of modules)
800 modules ≈ 800 Hp (per pair of modules)
1600 modules ≈ 800 Hp (per pair of modules)

Hp Capacity** (water-brake modules):

**Approximate; water-brake capacities are test speed dependent.
1800 modules ≈ 1,800 Hp (full brake – per pair of modules)

Engine (and Absorber) Tachometers:

0 – 32,000+ RPM display
Quartz crystal calibrated
RPM pulse type is selectable from ½ to 12 PPR
Ignition or “clamp-on” inductive pick-up (standard)
Optional “Cigarette Lighter” RPM pick-up
Optional OBD-II tachometer interface

Dyno Speedometer:

0.0 – 255.0 MPH display
Magnetic RPM/MPH pick-up (standard)

Approximate MPH Range (based on vehicle’s tire diameter):

5 ~ 200+ MPH (for ~ 24″ tires)
7 ~ 300+ MPH (for ~ 36″ tires)

Axle-Hub Module Frames:

Heavy-duty steel frame, greaseable bearings.
Alloy, quick-change, axle-flange adapters
Large diameter, urethane coated, steel wheels and  casters
Vented steel covers
Thermostatically-controlled fans

Axle Weight Capacities:

150 modules = 200 pounds (per module)
400 & 800 modules = 1,250 pounds (per module)
1000 & 2000 modules = 1,500 pounds (per module)
1500 & 3000 modules = 2,000 pounds (per module)
4000 & 6000 modules = 1,500 pounds (per module)
4000HT & 6000HT modules = 3,000 pounds (per module)
1600 modules = 1,250 pounds (per module)
1800 planetary absorbers = 1,200 pounds (per absorber)

Load Control (absorption units only):

Electronic Auto-Load (with road simulation)

Absorbers (eddy-current):

Air cooled
Dual heavy-duty bearings – Zerk grease fittings
Low-inertia adjustable load

Absorbers (AC-motoring):

Air cooled
Dual heavy-duty bearings
Low-inertia adjustable load
Microsecond response

Control Console and PC Options:

Enclosed (RFI resistant) rolling PC cabinet
Pocket DYNO-MAX – wireless control software
“Pro” Console with PC and 17″ LCD display

Approximate Dimensions and Weight:

150 modules = custom (call)
400 modules (per module)
     50″W x 37″L x 28″H – 1,120 pounds
800 modules (per module)
     50″W x 42″L x 28″H – 1,460 pounds
1000 modules (per module)
     50″W x 37″L x 28″H – 1,080 pounds
1500 modules (per module)
     50″W x 37″L x 28″H – 1,250 pounds
2000 AWD modules (per module)
     50″W x 37″L x 28″H – 1,080 pounds
1600 AWD modules (per module)
     50″W x 42″L x 28″H – 1,460 pounds
1800 planetary absorbers (per absorber)
     36″W x 17″L x 13″H – 82 pounds
3000 AWD modules (per module)
     50″W x 37″L x 28″H – 1,250 pounds
4000 modules (per module)
     60″W x 48″L x 32″H – 2,600 pounds
6000 modules (per module)
     60″W x 48″L x 32″H – 3,200 pounds
4000-HT or 6000-HP modules (per module)
     72″W x 84″L x 52″H – 20,000 pounds
6000-HT or 10000-HP modules (per module)
     72″W x 120″L x 52″H – 28,000 pounds

Data Collection Options:

5-gas analyzer with digital RS232 interface
Air/fuel ratio exhaust gas module (with pump)
Atmospheric “Weather Station”
DYNO-MAX “Pro” software
OBD-II interfaces (RPM, MPH, TPI, etc.)
Oil temperature “dip stick” thermocouples

Other Options:

42″ 13,300 CFM test bay cooling fan (120 volt)
Above ground mounting 4-post lift kit
Starter motor and drive kit

Model Number: #044-800-1K

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