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4,000+ Hp high-torque (55,000 ft-lb) units include: Pair of heavy-duty rolling modules with dual eddy-current controllers and eight overdriven (high inertia) air-cooled absorbers, automatic camber compensation, thermostatically-controlled fans, dual torque transducers, swivel casters, steel quick-change axle-flange adapters, DYNOmite-Lite data-acquisition computer, axle and engine (ignition) RPM pick-ups, Auto-Load Control, 3-channel data harness, DYNO-MAX software, atmospheric correction, banner, accessories package, and manual (less PC). (Upgradeable to AWD configuration – at any time.)


DYNOmite Data-Acquisition Computer:

Expandable, surface-mount board system  
120-volt 60-Hz, 240-volt 50-Hz, or 12-volt DC
CE and/or UL approved (per locale)
“Pro” PC based 28, 56 or 112+ channel capable board sets, require DYNO-MAX software
“Lite” 3-channel (upgradeable to “Pro” above)
Up to 1,000 recordings per second (per channel)
Quick disconnect data harness
Non-volatile setup memory
“Smart Record” automated recorder triggering
RS232 and USB ports for output to a PC with DYNO-MAX software option

Torque Transducer:

½% of full scale typical accuracy
Environmentally sealed
Semi-automatic zero offset calibration
Temperature compensated

Hp Capacity** (air-cooled eddy-current modules):

**Actual air-cooled eddy-current capacities are test speed and rotor-temperature dependent. Initial cold torque and Hp limits are approximately twice their warm ones. (Hp ratings shown below taken after running 1+ minutes, at full load, in a room-temperature environment.) Continuous ratings are approximately 50% of warm values. See online load charts for curves.
150 modules ≈ 150 Hp (warm – per module)
1000 modules ≈ 1,000 Hp (warm – per pair of modules)
1500 modules ≈ 1,500 Hp (warm – per pair of modules)
2000 modules ≈ 1,000 Hp (warm – per pair of modules)
3000 modules ≈ 1,500 Hp (warm – per pair of modules)
4000 modules ≈ 4,000 Hp (quad-absorbers)
6000 modules ≈ 6,000 Hp (quad-absorbers)
4000-HT modules ≈ 4,000 Hp or ≈ 50,000 ft-lbs (octo-absorbers)
6000-HP modules ≈ 6,000 Hp or ≈ 10,000 ft-lbs (octo-absorbers)
6000-HT modules ≈ 6,000 Hp or ≈ 100,000 ft-lbs (dodeca-absorbers)
10000-HP modules ≈ 10,000 Hp or ≈ 12,000 ft-lbs (octo-absorbers)

Hp Capacity (AC motoring absorber modules):

400 modules ≈ 400 Hp (per pair of modules)
800 modules ≈ 800 Hp (per pair of modules)
1600 modules ≈ 800 Hp (per pair of modules)

Hp Capacity** (water-brake modules):

**Approximate; water-brake capacities are test speed dependent.
1800 modules ≈ 1,800 Hp (full brake – per pair of modules)

Engine (and Absorber) Tachometers:

0 – 32,000+ RPM display
Quartz crystal calibrated
RPM pulse type is selectable from ½ to 12 PPR
Ignition or “clamp-on” inductive pick-up (standard)
Optional “Cigarette Lighter” RPM pick-up
Optional OBD-II tachometer interface

Dyno Speedometer:

0.0 – 255.0 MPH display
Magnetic RPM/MPH pick-up (standard)

Approximate MPH Range (based on vehicle’s tire diameter):

5 ~ 200+ MPH (for ~ 24″ tires)
7 ~ 300+ MPH (for ~ 36″ tires)

Axle-Hub Module Frames:

Heavy-duty steel frame, greaseable bearings.
Alloy, quick-change, axle-flange adapters
Large diameter, urethane coated, steel wheels and  casters
Vented steel covers
Thermostatically-controlled fans

Axle Weight Capacities:

150 modules = 200 pounds (per module)
400 & 800 modules = 1,250 pounds (per module)
1000 & 2000 modules = 1,500 pounds (per module)
1500 & 3000 modules = 2,000 pounds (per module)
4000 & 6000 modules = 1,500 pounds (per module)
4000HT & 6000HT modules = 3,000 pounds (per module)
1600 modules = 1,250 pounds (per module)
1800 planetary absorbers = 1,200 pounds (per absorber)

Load Control (absorption units only):

Electronic Auto-Load (with road simulation)

Absorbers (eddy-current):

Air cooled
Dual heavy-duty bearings – Zerk grease fittings
Low-inertia adjustable load

Absorbers (AC-motoring):

Air cooled
Dual heavy-duty bearings
Low-inertia adjustable load
Microsecond response

Control Console and PC Options:

Enclosed (RFI resistant) rolling PC cabinet
Pocket DYNO-MAX – wireless control software
“Pro” Console with PC and 17″ LCD display

Approximate Dimensions and Weight:

150 modules = custom (call)
400 modules (per module)
     50″W x 37″L x 28″H – 1,120 pounds
800 modules (per module)
     50″W x 42″L x 28″H – 1,460 pounds
1000 modules (per module)
     50″W x 37″L x 28″H – 1,080 pounds
1500 modules (per module)
     50″W x 37″L x 28″H – 1,250 pounds
2000 AWD modules (per module)
     50″W x 37″L x 28″H – 1,080 pounds
1600 AWD modules (per module)
     50″W x 42″L x 28″H – 1,460 pounds
1800 planetary absorbers (per absorber)
     36″W x 17″L x 13″H – 82 pounds
3000 AWD modules (per module)
     50″W x 37″L x 28″H – 1,250 pounds
4000 modules (per module)
     60″W x 48″L x 32″H – 2,600 pounds
6000 modules (per module)
     60″W x 48″L x 32″H – 3,200 pounds
4000-HT or 6000-HP modules (per module)
     72″W x 84″L x 52″H – 20,000 pounds
6000-HT or 10000-HP modules (per module)
     72″W x 120″L x 52″H – 28,000 pounds

Data Collection Options:

5-gas analyzer with digital RS232 interface
Air/fuel ratio exhaust gas module (with pump)
Atmospheric “Weather Station”
DYNO-MAX “Pro” software
OBD-II interfaces (RPM, MPH, TPI, etc.)
Oil temperature “dip stick” thermocouples

Other Options:

42″ 13,300 CFM test bay cooling fan (120 volt)
Above ground mounting 4-post lift kit
Starter motor and drive kit

Model Number: #044-800-1K

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